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Experience Evolution


EXAR’s state of the art and proprietary web 3.0 solution is built using immersive technologies and artificial intelligence.

  • Hybrid solution
  • Physical Activity
  • Gamification and Cartoonisation
  • Camera based posture analysis

Activity zone

EXAR’s state of the art technology delivers animated activities in 3D on the web and tracks children's posture and positioning using the device's camera.
Motion captured by certified instructors turned into cartoon trainers.
Works on any device in 3D with options of Augmented reality
Interactive and gamified activities using AI based movement tracking.
Skill Zone
Learn different movements and activities through a level based game with the help of an AI tool that tracks posture and positioning.
Lifestyle Pic
Lifestyle Pic
Blood-group and vital based nutrition educator that helps children improve their overall health.
Children who remain consistent and are best in their class/school are rewarded with XR coins that can be used in our store to purchase digital and physical goods.
Lifestyle Pic
First of its kind 3D group physical activities that are built for children. Immerse in structured daily physical activities together with your classmates.
Lifestyle Pic