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EXAR combines cartoons, video games and physical activities to build a ritual around wellness for children

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EXAR’s state of the art technology delivers animated activities in 3D and tracks children's posture and positioning using the device's camera.
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First of its kind 3D group physical activities that are built for children. Children immerse themselves in structured everyday activities along with their classmates or group of their choice.
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Why Us

The last 50,000 years of human evolution has happened through physical movements and in the last 2 decades we tend to seize or reduce physical activity to a large extent. This has a tremendous effect on children as physical activity is one of the basic necessities for children to strengthen bones, muscles, hearts, lungs and even the mind. Less than 10% of school going children have structured physical education and sports programs. It is high time we include health and wellness as one of the trivial parts of our education system.
Step 1
EXAR provides a hybrid model for schools and academies to integrate a diverse range of everyday physical activities into their already existing curriculum.
Step 2
EXAR brings physical education in the form of cartoons and games to meet children already where they are.
Step 3
Our PE teacher / Parent login will bring the existing faculty or parents to speed on training schedule, exercise science and progress of each child.
Step 4
EXAR covers CBSE physical education syllabus, National Education Policy (NEP) requirements, WHO recommendations for children and advanced comprehensive physical activity programs.

About us

We are a group of technology and health professionals who have fallen in love with the process of helping children build a habit around health and wellness.

Lets build the future of physical education together!

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